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The Netherlands

Legal basis An amendment (1991) of the Dutch Copyright law (1912) states that consumers have the right to copy a work for private use or study, and that the rightholders should be compensated equitable for this private copying.
Legal status Stichting de Thuiskopie is appointed as the sole collector and distributor of the remuneration in the Netherlands. It's appointed by the Minister of Justice since 1993.
Liable party Manufacturers and importers.
Levies collections    
Body in charge of the collection STICHTING DE THUISKOPIE
Collecting society in charge of the video producers share SEKAM VIDEO
Audio levies    
Audiocassette € 0,23 per hour
Minidisc € 0,32 per hour
Audio-cd r/rw € 0,42 per hour
€ 0,52 per 74 minutes
Data-cd r/rw € 0,14 per unit
Hi-Minidisc € 1,10 per unit
Audio levies    
Videocassette € 0,33 per hour
DVD+ r/rw € 0,40 per 4,7 GB
DVD- r/rw € 0,60 per 4,7 GB
Additional info Double-Layer DVD is levied for the extra capacity according to the levy per 4,7 GB. All tariffs are frozen until January 2010 by Ministerial decree.

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