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Legal basis Article 20 al. 3 of the Swiss Federal Copyright Law of October 9, 1992
Body in charge of the remuneration (liable party) Manufacturers and importers
Levies collections    
Body in charge of the collection  SUISA  
Collecting society in charge of the video producers share SUISSIMAGE (authors rights) and SWISSPERFORM (neighboring rights)  
Analog media Audio: CHF 0.33 / Video: CHF 0.46 per hour
CD digital audio CHF 0.33 per 525 MB
CD-R/RW data CHF 0.05 per 525 MB
DVD CHF 0.31 per 4,7GB and for rewritable DVD CHF 0.88 per 4,7GB
Recording equipment without HD no remuneration        
Recording Audio-equipment with HD Between CHF 0.63/GB (up to 4 GB) and CHF 0.1992/GB (over 32 GB)
Recording AV-equipment with HD CHF 0.085/GB up to 250 GB,CHF 0.05 up to 1 TB,CHF 0.030 over 1 TB
Memory Stick no remuneration
Memory Card no remuneration
USB keys no remuneration
Hard Disc (external) no remuneration
CD burner no remuneration
DVD burner no remuneration
DVD reader + Harddisk CHF 0.10/GB up to 250 GB and CHF 25.- +0.08/GB over 250 GB
Home cinema + Harddisk CHF 0.085/GB up to 250 GB,CHF 0.05/GB up to 1 TB,CHF 0.03/GB over 1 TB
Decoder + Harddisk CHF 0.085/GB up to 250 GB,CHF 0.05/GB up to 1 TB, CHF 0.030/GB over 1 TB
Renting of Set-Top-Box with HD and vPVR CHF 0.80 - CHF 1.50 per month and subscrition (CHF 0.13 if the offer is for free)
Portable MP3 player Between CHF 0.63/GB (up to 4 GB) and CHF 0.1992/GB (over 32 GB)
Mobile telephone +MP3 CHF 0.12/GB up to 4GB, CHF 0.10 up to 8 GB, CHF 0.08 up to 16GB, CHF 0.07 up to 32 GB and CHF 0.06 up to 64GB
Personnal Computer no remuneration
Tablet PC/ IPAD CHF 0.015 up to 16GB, CHF 0.12 up to 32GB and CHF 10 up to 64GB  
Objects exempted Exportation
Objects under dispute Mobile phones  
Total collections 2014 CHF 28,1 Mio (for all repertoires)
Equipment no remuneration  
Distribution Scheme Video Audio
  distribution differs for each tariff  
Video Producer's share 2014    
% of the total collections    
Distribution to the producers    
Other Figures    
Box office 2014 CHF 205'307'552 (source:Procinema)  
Video/DVD turnover    
ICT turnover    



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