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The Netherlands

Legal basis Law of 30.05.1990 amending Copyright Act 1912 ; in force since 01/01/1991. Neighbouring Rights in force 01/07/1999
Body in charge of the remuneration Stichting de Thuiskopie
Levies collections    
Body in charge of the collection Stichting de Thuiskopie
Collecting society in charge of the video producers share SEKAM VIDEO
Recording equipment None
Integrated equipment None
Analog media Audio cassetes € 0,23 per hour
Video cassetes € 0,33 per hour
CD digital audio Audio cd-r/rw € 0,42 per hour
Audio Minidisc € 0,32 per hour
CD data € 0,14 per disc
DVD Video DVD + R/RW € 0,50 per 4,7 Gb
Video DVD - R/RW € 1,00 per 4,7 Gb
Memory Stick No
Memory Card Under review
USB keys No
Hard Disc Under review
CD burner No
DVD burner No
Portable MP3 player Under review
Total collections 2004  
Distribution Scheme
33,75% Authors
25,50 % Performers
40,75 Producers (of which 7% Broadcasters)
40% Authors
30% Performers
30% Producers
DATA cd-r/rw
14% Producers interactive works
77% via the Audio dist. Scheme
9% via Video dist. Scheme
33,3% via the audio dist. Scheme
66,7% via the video dist. Scheme
Video Producer's share 2004  
% of the total collections 40,7%

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