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Legal basis

German Copyright Law Sept. 65, with changes in Nov. 2007

Body in charge of the remuneration  
Levies collections    
Body in charge of the collection ZPÜ (link)
Collecting society in charge of the video producers share GWFF (link), VFF (link), GÜFA (link), VGF (link), VG Bild-Kunst (link)
Recording equipment (analog) EURO 9,21 (Video recorder), EURO 1,28 (Audio recorder)
Recording equipment (digital) EURO 12,00 (DVD recorder, Sat-receiver, digital Video recorder with memory function), EURO 2,56 (digital Audio recorder)
Analog media € 0,0870 per hour (Video cassettes), € 0,0614 per hour(Audio cassettes)
CD digital audio  
Blank CD data € 0,072 per hour or € 0,096 per unit ( the amount has to be splitted 70% Audio and 30% Video)
Blank DVD € 0,174 per unit á 120 minutes or € 0,087 per hour
Memory Stick No
Memory Card No
USB keys No
Hard Disc  
CD burner € 6,00 (this amount has to be splitted in 30% Video and 70% Audio)
DVD burner

€ 7,37 (this amount has to be splitted in 6,615% Video and 93,385% Audio)

CD player € 1,28
Portable MP3 player € 2,56
Objects exempted Personal Computer
Total collections 2007 € 137.893244,74  incl. interest
Distribution Scheme

€ 105.463412,26


€ 33.086.865,78 (for GEMA, GVL and VG Wort)

Video Producer's share 2005    
% of the total collections 49%  
Other Figures    
Box office 2006    
Video/DVD turnover 2006    

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Facts & Figures


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